About Us

We are a company dedicated to the manufacture of snacks and beverages, and Import of products from the food industry.


Selecting the best products at the International level, innovating in our production lines of Snacks, Beverages and Others, with excellent quality, presentation, flavors and promotional items, which will make a difference in our categories.



Being in Colombia the company number 1of imported products directed to the Traditional channel (Stores and Wholesalers), With a Wide portfolio in Own Manufacture of Snacks, Beverages and other Lines, thus achieving a successful catalog of innovative and high turnover references.


Yolis SAS is a snack-producing company committed to satisfying the requirements agreed upon with customers, complying with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the food industry and guaranteeing quality and safety throughout the supply chain through effective communication, use of experience and knowledge management of all interested parties for the continuous improvement of the Quality and Safety Management System and the well-being of the community in general.



Ensure safe products that do not threaten the health of consumers.
Maximize both internal and external customer satisfaction.
Reduce the environmental impact within the production processes.
Minimize customer returns for quality and safety reasons.
Continuously improve production processes.

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